Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I feel like all of my posts lately are LONG because I don't get time to update as often as I wish I could.
You all know that I am so much better at telling you what is going on with pictures.
{tie dying t-shirts} 
{ding dong ditch of sweet blankets for the kids}
Thank you who ever you are! 
{Dinner and a show}

{Regan and I went to Church together}
huba had to speak in another ward and Nana watched Bubba.

After Church I had the privilege of going to see a sweet family and photograph some very special moments for them. I was amazed by the strength and love that was there from the second I stepped across the thresh hold. Our little friend, Emily, was home on hospice and her mother knew that they did not have much time left with her. She asked me to come and photograph these sweet tender moments for her. I feel so humbled that she trusted me to be there at such a tender time in their lives. I marveled at this beautiful family as I took their photographs. There were not tears... no anger... they were simply soaking up EVERY single second that they had with their sweet daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, and friend. I was truly inspired by their love and decision to live in the moment rather than fear the next phase. Bubba and Emily and VERY similar and I pray that when that day comes in our home we handle it with the same attitude. 
The next day sweet Emily took her last breath and returned home to Heaven to be with her Father in Heaven. Please keep the Evan's family in your prayers.

After I got home I snuggled both of my babies a little tighter and a little longer than normal.
{Regan decided that it was the perfect day to start a garden} 
{Bubba and I were her moral support!}

{Bubba wasn't feeling well.}

{Bubba was awake and alert and happy.}
He was giving Daddy loves Bubba style....
for head to for head... nose to nose. :)

After talking to the Dr. about Bubba yesterday he put Bubba on the urgent surgery list. I got a call this morning to let me know that Bubba will be going into surgery tomorrow morning. We are hoping that they can help fix his tummy and give him some relief from all of the pain. Bubba is on 23 medications and they don't want to add another so it is time for another surgery. I texted famiy and friends to let them know what was going on ....
friend: Man, how much more can this little guy take. I think you have hit the job maximum!
Me: I will do it all with a smile. I know a mommy who's arms are empty this morning.
friend:Yeah, I guess that adds some perspective doesn't it.
I don't EVER want to loose sight of that, to take one second for granted with either of my kidos.
The only fun thing about a surgery is...........
{a sleep over with Nana!}
Thank you Nana! We love you!

And how does Bubba feel about another surgery?!?!?!.............

Please keep the Evan's family in your prayers as well as our Bubba.
Thank you!


Rochelleht said...

Will do! Put his name on the temple rolls again yesterday. What an intense week you had. So glad you were able to share such a sacred moment with your friends. What a blessing! Praying for that sweet Bubba!!!

lex said...

Praying for Bubba, your family and the Evans family. You're all remarkable examples of faith and strength. God watch over you.

Anonymous said...

your a wonderful friend to give such a beautiful gift to your friend. im sure she will cherish those pictures forever. i will keep your family and bubba in my prayers. your doing such a wonderful job... smiles is what your little girl and guy need.

Susan said...

Prayers for Bubba, and your family, and the Evans family....and sweet Stanley, who manages in a picture to convey his own concern and love. Know that our prayers will be surrounding you, in hopes they will give you strength and some measure of calm. We will be praying that the surgery eases Bubba's pain and puts those precious smiles back on his face.

Karen said...

I'm here from Wisconsin, praying for your family.
I agree with Susan...sweet Stanley sure knows how to convey his concern and love in his own special way.
God Bless your family.
Love, Karen