Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We {heart} Art

This morning I had the privilege to go with this wonderful little man of mine and his sweet friends on a field trip to the Long Beach Museum of Art. The BIG kids in his class {5th graders} were invited to go along with the Gen. Ed. 5th graders from their school.
One of the best parts of the day for Bubba was the bus ride. Bubba's  mean ol' Mommy
wont let him ride the bus to school..... so this was AWESOME! wink! 
We started our morning at the Museum by making our own art.
{Bubba was not into this part so we walked around} 

Then it was time to look at some amazing works of Art. 
I could not believe how much Bubba enjoyed it!!!
All of our special kids did GREAT. 

It was a wonderful day with some amazing kids!!!!!
Can't wait until our next adventure with Bubba's class!


Susan said...

Came to see the daily grin and got to see Bubba and his classmates doing something so special. What a treat for this art lover/former elem. teacher to see children being introduced to great art! So glad Bubba enjoyed it! (So happy he got his bus ride!!) And so glad you got to be a part of it! (Especially glad I got to enjoy that special grin... :o) )

Zurmely family said...

i know that feeding tube has been a blessing and a curse but every time i see him with those chunky cheeks and non-orange coloring, it makes me happy. he LOOKS so healthy!!

Debby Thompson said...

Great blog, even better photos of your field trip to LBMA.
I was your docent and enjoyed the group.
Hope you all come again.
Debby Thompson