Sunday, November 28, 2010


the kids are headed back to school and our FUN week is over. :(
We had so much fun this week!
We went to Disneyland {of course}...
The Zoo....
had a wonderful Thanksgiving....
did some black friday shopping...
and a fun trip the Aquarium.
We invited some friends to come and play
with us at the Aquarium and we had a blast! 
Regan showed her friends how to play with the seals. 
Abby fed the birds. 
Bubba... well, he SMILED. :) 
We looked at sting rays.....
and BIG fish. 
Regan got her first kiss.  
The twins.... well they just looked cute all day! 
Our week was so wonderful,
for the most part Bubba felt good.
We had one BAD day filled with seizures but other than that it was pretty perfect.
This week just makes me even more excited for Christmas break.


Susan said...

Beautiful pictures! I feel like I was on the aquarium trip with you! Especially loved Regan's first kiss picture. It's a prize winning picture so I hope you enter it in some kind of contest!

Zurmely family said...

I TOTALLY hear ya on that one! it was so nice to hang with my kiddos for a few days. i'm ready for summer break again!!