Saturday, November 27, 2010

We celebrated with.....

A whole LOT of

The group this year was small.
 It was our typical Sunday dinner group.
The food was YUMMY.
The company was GREAT!
The Cuddles were oh so sweet! 

The music was wonderful!
AND then there was MORE....
We went to go and see Uncle Bill who has been in the hospital .
Poor guy... I would make that face too if I saw this group coming. :)  
Then our day was topped off with Tangled {LOVE it!} 
Oh, and YES.... 
our tree is up and our stocking are hung! wink!


Susan said...

Love that turkey hat!! Looks like you shared your Thanksgiving with some very special people! Thanks for the review of "Tangled"—I was just waiting to see what people thought of it before I attempted to take some of the grandkids. The tv trailers on it look pretty cute.

Melinda said...

okay I am loving MANY things about this post!!! The turkey hats for sure, and the color of your living room wall!!!!! :)