Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Uncle Bubba

I had such an AMAZING weekend with my family!!!
BUT before I get into all of that fun I need to do something....

I want to wish a Happy Birthday to my wonderful Bubba!!!!

Uncle Bubba,
You sure make an amazing flipper.... {Ok, so maybe I made that word up}
And most of the time you are pretty good at catching. 
You are always so sweet when the kids say "MORE!!" 
You make a pretty good punching bag......
and you are pretty awesome at a game of chase. 
Don't forget capturing wild animals... oh, I mean children. :) 
AGAIN, no one can throw like Uncle Bubba. 
Oh, and those dance moves.
{I don't think the children will ever be the same again! wink!}
BUT don't let this big guy fool you.....
deep down he is a big softy.
He always gives great hugs!
He is the best big Bubba a girl could ask for. 
You are my favorite brother....
{ok, you are my only brother :)}
I love you so much!!!!
Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

best post ever! :)
he's so cute.

almost as cute as his nieces and nephews!!

Rachel said...

I think I adore Uncle Bubba!

He is awesome! And good golly, I need some of that stamina to keep up with kids! :)

Susan said...

Looks like you're having so much fun! Aren't brothers great?!! Happy Birthday to your brother!