Friday, November 19, 2010


Last weekend was just what I needed. I am not good about taking time for myself. I have an even harder time leaving my little boy behind, to many fears of what might happen while I am gone. It takes some one pushing me. It had been over five years since my last trip to Texas to see my family. Bubba doesn't travel well any more. The last time we flew he started seizing on the plane. It was not fun. I hate leaving him behind.  It took my Mom buying the tickets and saying "you ARE coming and THIS will happen" for this past weekend to be possible. To my Mom I want to say THANK YOU. Thank you for knowing what I needed, for pushing me, and for always loving me. When I returned home all was well, Bubba was good, and I had restored hope that maybe, just maybe I will be able to do this again in less that five years! wink!
This trip was historical because all five of us Toye kids were  in one place together.
It has been EIGHT years since the last time, our baby sister's graduation.
I didn't even think I would see them all but Karen, the baby,
surprised us all by driving four hours after getting off work.
She walked in the door... I screamed!
It was wonderful, it was perfect!

To top it off my Mom had invited Aunts, uncles, and cousins I had not seen in YEARS.
I LOVE how it can be years between visits but with in seconds we
 are laughing, hugging, and talking as if no time had passed at all.
I LOVE my BIG family.
I LOVED all of the stories that were shared.
{Most all of the CRAZY group!}


You know what elese I LOVE about my family and our get togethers....
With in no time we are eating...
a game of scrabble in being played... 
And AWESOME dance moves are busted out!!!!!

You WISH that your family had moves like ours! wink!!


Rachel said...

So glad you got a chance to see your beloved family!

And you have *got* to hear this all the time - the family resemblance is amazing!

Rachel said...

Okay - so I'll admit that I was puzzled by your third hand in the first picture. That clip behind your mom's head? Looks like you were giving her bunny ears! hee hee!