Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A long over due trip to.....

see some old friends.

This morning while folding laundry I couldn't help but think about how LONG it has been since we have been to Disneyland... wink! So, I sent my dear friend Katie and message and we had a date. When I picked the kids up from school I surprised them and we set out to meet up with our friends.

With in minutes of walking through the front
 gates we were reunited with friends like....

Oh, yes and don't forget our friends the Andersens! 
 And there was Woody and the green Army guy.

 We parted ways with our friends and
then it was time for some special Mommy time.
I love days like this!
I love being a Mommy!


aubry. said...

i'm jealous everytime you post about disneyland... especially at the drop of a hat!

i'm also jealous of the short sleeves i spy... utah is c-o-l-d.

Foursons said...

Those last 2 shots are incredible. LOVE them. I'm glad Bubba was feeling well enough to make another trip.