Wednesday, June 2, 2010

{Quick Update}

Bubba is doing pretty good. Last night was hard, he was in a lot of pain. It is never easy to watch your child suffer. Collin only wanted his Mommy and finding the most comfortable position was hard at times. I don't know what I was thinking wearing a white shirt (crazy) Collin had so much blood coming out of his nose and it ended up on me. By the end of the day I looked like I had been in a fight and lost. (At times I kind of felt that way ... wink!) Last night was HARD. The combination of 28+ hours of no food plus the pain was so much for our sweet Bubba. We got a sweet room mate at 12:30am and this poor little guy was in pain also. :( Today Collin was doing a little better and I even managed to get a smile out of him... while watching a Disneyland video OF COURSE!! wink! He has tolerated two feeds in his G Tube now and we are HOPING that we are able to come home tomorrow.  Thank you for your love and prayers!!!
Keep them coming!


the peine's said...

Oh Jules! Love you! Praying for you!!!

Simply Sara said...

Sweetest picture ever.
Glad he's doing better today... praying for you all :)

The Gray Family said...

sorry it was a rough night....I hope he continues to improve (and that you get some rest!!!)

Anonymous said...

julie, know that your whole family is our prayers. your right seeing our children suffer is something you cant understand unless your in the center of it. your a good mommy and the security and love that colin feels with you is so great. your a example to many.


Palmyra said...

What a sweet picture.

Kristin said...

I hope Collin is doing better now. I'm praying for you guys!!!