Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Week 26 – Pets Photo Challenge

Over at I Heart Faces this week the challenge is

Well, no this is not our puppy..... he is a sweet friend we made one day while we were out for a walk. I LOVE this picture!!! The pup is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love Bubba's reaction to his sweet puppy kisses. Nope, no new furry friends at our house... sorry. I think I will waite until we can get Bubba's special assistance dog. Yes, that's right a dog that comes to us trained!!! They say that if Bubba started to seize it would be able to even roll him to his side and come get us!!! Wow, I mean really these creatures are pretty amazing!!!!!


Foursons said...

What a fantastic candid!

Nothing better than a trained dog, IMHO.

I just saw My Sister's Keeper and I wondered about the lawyer's assistance dog. He had it for the exact same reason.

Rachel said...

This is my very favorite!!!

I mean, you can't beat Bubba's smile, and I love that sweet dog! It's a terrific combination :)

Anonymous said...

ahh, im glad collin isnt scared of animals... it will be great to have a trained dog that can be his companion and your extra eyes and ears...

Maw and Paw said...

I love Collin's smile and you are soooooo good with your camera. Your pictures make it easier when we can't be there. Thanks!!!!