Thursday, June 17, 2010

A little of this and a LOT of that.....

These are just a few of the things that have been going on around here lately.........

1. Regan had her Kinder Hulau performance. They do this instead of a graduation, I mean we are in California.
Nana, Great Grandma Jo, cousin Andrea, Mommy, and Bubba all came to support our little hula girl.
2. While we were at school we stopped by Bubba's class so that he could say hi. I don't think words can even describe how sweet this moment was between Bubba and his Ms. Sheryll. They have both missed each other. Other people kept coming up and trying to give him loves and he just pushed them out of the way so that he could see HIS Ms. Sheryll. We LOVE her!!!

3. Can I just say what a sweet Husband I have. Jason brought me home these beautiful flowers from Bubba to thank me for being his nurse. He also sent my Mom flowers in Texas to thank her for all that she did for me and our family while she was here. Yes, he didn't forget his own Mom. He also got his mom flowers to thank her for all of her help with Regan while Bubba was in the hospital and all of the other MANY things that she has done to help us.  

4. We have been playing LOTS of WII because it is one of the only things that makes Bubba happy during his hour long feeds.

5. Bubba is missing all of his girlfriends at school and has tried to sneak the phone several times to call them. wink! (Oh, I love that smile!!!)

6. Regan had her awards ceremony this week. She is such a smarty pants and makes us so proud of her!!! Nana watched Bubba so that I could go and enjoy this special time, Thank you Nana!!! (This is a phone picture.. sorry)

7. When Regan and I got home I was so EXCITED to see this waiting for me. My WONDERFUL sister sent me a good ol' southern meal in the mail. That's right we are talking corn bread, BBQ pork roast, potatoes, pecan pie, and cinnamon apples. Oh, it was YUMMY. We were feeling the love all the way from Oklahoma. Thank you Nancy, you truly are one of my very best friends!!!

8. Collin and Regan both had the most AMAZING teachers this year. We are so grateful to Mr. Tritz and Mr. Willie for all that they do. (Collin will have Mr. T again next year!! WAHOO!!)

10. Bubba was feeling pretty good today so we were lucky enough to go and help in Regan's class for a bit. If you can't tell it was the LAST day of school and things got a little CRAZY. Bubba thought that they were pretty funny. :)

11. When Regan came home today she was excited to find this.....

12. Just in case you were wondering Regan and I thought we would remind the world of our love for Bubba with these fun shirts we found. wink! (Don't judge... I have been WEEKS with out any sleep and I know I look awful! wink!)

13. Bubba has been having a lot of seizures. :( This has been so hard on his sweet little body. It feels like three steps forward... two steps back. I am sure before we know it he will be back to his old self.

14. Regan is having her very first sleep over at our home tomorrow night to celebrate summer. She is beyond excited!!!

15. Bubba is tolerating his feeds well and today weighed in a pound heavier!!!! He is up to 31 1/2 pounds.

16. The surgeries are helping Bubba to sleep better!!!! I know pretty amazing right! Now, I wish that I could relax enough to sleep. I have been so worried about "toobie" and making sure that everything is hooked up right for his night feed. I know that over time it will get easier... it will RIGHT!?!?!

17. I interviewed a nurse yesterday that I LOVE. She just might be our own Marry Poppins. The only problem is scheduling. So, we will see if it can work out or not.

18. Last but not least THANK YOU.... THANK YOU to all of you that have been praying for our sweet Bubba. THANK YOU for your sweet messages and kind words, they mean so much. THANK YOU to my wonderful friends that have brought by muffins, diet coke, Golden spoon, and dinners. THANK YOU to our wonderful families that have done so much for us over these past several weeks. THANK YOU!~ My heart is FULL!!! You all sure know how to make a girl feel loved. :)


Mandy said...

Wow lots of stuff going on at your house. You are such an awesome mom for all the fun things you do for Regan--all on no sleep. And aren't teachers aides, helpers, whatever you want to call them the BEST, Caleb's teacher he just had retired--so SAD, but he will have a great new teacher but I am sooo excited his aide that he fell in love with will still be in his class. I remember by the 3rd day of school, Nancy helped him off the bus and told me that he had already stole her heart. There is nothing more important to a mother than to know her child with special needs is being loved and cared for!! Also the "toobie" will get easier, I am so glad he is sleeping better. Just wait until you get the "button" that is sooo nice. Glad to know he is gaining weight, before you know it he will be 70 pounds like my guy--ya I think I have been feeding him to much for his activity level, I am needing to talk to a nutiritionist about that :) Hopefully you can get some rest now. Caleb had his tonsils and adnoids removed when he was three and it changed our sleeping world!!!

Michelle said...

I loved your post! Thanks for sharing the teacher pictures!!! THAT is why I love what I do...there is NO GREATER profession. Glad to see so many smiles. LOVE YOU ALL!