Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer is here...

and we aren't wasting one second of it!!

Most of our adventures depend on Bubba and how he is feeling. On Saturday Bubba woke up and all I could think to myself was HE'S BACK!!!! After almost three weeks I feel like we finally have our sweet old Bubba back. Oh, this makes me so happy!!! Sunday morning we all piled in bed to give Daddy his gifts. Bubba sat in bed "talking", laughing, and yelling sweetly at us all. Later that night he started having seizures. It broke my heart. Just as soon as I thought he was 100 percent this happened. We are working with his neurologist to try to figure out why the surgeries have trigered so many seizures lately. Fingers crossed we can get it all worked out soon. The wonderful thing about Bubba is that even after a HARD night he will wake up the next morning with a smile on his face!!!

To start our summer off right we took Great Grandma Jo to the Aquarium.

Regan had her very FIRST sleep over!! She was so excited! They started the day off with some good ol' slip n slide fun. Abbie's little sister even got in on the action!

Bubba LOVED watching them!
I got the girls matching jammies and they looke oh so cute!!!
I think their favorite part of the night was the "funky junky" junk food!!!
They played games....
made tents and stayed up until 11:30!!!!
Both of the girls had a blast and it was the perfect way to start Summer.
We have spent LOTS of time painting.
These two monkeys have had so much fun playing together. Regan LOVES it when Bubba plays with her. They have both fallen in love with the "tent" under Regan's new bed. :)
Despite seizures last night we decided to take Collin to Disneyland to give him a healthy dose of his favorite pain medication. He has not been in almost a month. We all needed it! Thank you Nana for going with us!!!
We met up with some of our friends!!! We LOVE the Andersen family!!!!!
How sweet it that..... I just can't take it!!!
I can't even begin to tell you how lucky we all are to have such an AMAZING Nana in our lives!!!
The medication worked and we found Bubba's BIG (extra) toothy smile!!!

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Huss Family said...

I so wish we had a backyard for a slip n slide! So much fun.