Thursday, May 20, 2010

Yes, our family is a little GOOFY

It was so fun to watch Jason and Collin get to meet Kai and Kylee for the first time. Kai reached his hands up and went right to his Uncle Jason. In no time at all they became best buddies. Kai was excited to open his brithday present BUT who doesn't think that the bag that they came in is way MORE fun?? I mean... really that is what I think anytime I open a present. wink!

We had so much fun today. I just can't cram it all into one post. So, I will start with our breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen. We celebrated Kai's 2nd birthday in style and with some of our close personal friends... you know Goofy, pluto, chip, dale... Oh yeah we know how to party!
Kai was not sure what to think of the HUGE characters at first.

Oh, poor Goofy... While he was playing with Collin he started having a hard time breathing. I could tell that Goofy felt bad and kept coming back to check on him. Collin had a hard morning.
Regan and Mommy helped Kai blow out his candles since he hasn't learned to blow yet.

Oh my, Look at how Kylee is looking at the princess. I think we have a future princess on our hands. Only two months old and she is looking at her with a twinkle in her eye.
What would a fun trip with my sweet little Kylee if I didn't make her a special Goofy bow to wear! wink!
We did a LOT of dancing!!!
Kai mastered "drinking" jello out of a cup with out a spoon. He has skills!

It was a wonderful morning.... and then it just got better...
more to come!


Melinda said...

is the food good at Goofy's Kitchen?

I love your niece she is just precious!

Mandy said...

It looks like tons of fun! Hey Julie check out this website, they have a "belt"
I also use "tummy tunnels" patches to put on clothes that have a hole on them to pull either the tube or his button through. I put them on Calebs under clothes, but you could do either. HOpe this helps!

Presley family said...

Melinda, Yes, I think it is YUMMY and it is buffet style so you can eat all you want. The best part is the kids with the characters.
Mandy, Thank you tons... I have placed my order.