Wednesday, May 26, 2010

MORE fun and LOTS of pictures {from the weekend}

After I dropped the kids off at school on Friday I ran to Disneyland to play with My sister and her family. It was fun "just" being an Aunt and not have to juggle mommy and aunt at the same time. We has so much fun... of course... I mean how in the world could they not.. they had Aunt Ju Ju to play with! wink!

Kai signing {MORE}
Kai was WAY too cute at the HSM parade. He was dancing with them and copying every move they made.
He even assumed their ending pose... the one knee. LOVE IT!!!

Later that night Regan and I went to the Hotel to babysit so that my Sis and Brother in law could go out on a hot date. :)

Regan is so good with Kylee and she just LOVES her!!!

This was me.... baby strapped to me and....
while chasing this little Monkey around! So much fun!!
Thanks for letting us come and play with them!!!

Then on Saturday I went back to Disneyland ... this time with the kids. :)
I had SOOOO much fun this weekend. I LOVED the oppurtunity to be an Aunt and Sister. I HATE that we live so far away from each other. When I took them back to the airport on Monday I cried little when I got back to my car. It is hard not having any of my family here in California with me. It was a nice break from reality. Now, I am back to business and getting ready for next week.

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