Thursday, May 6, 2010

One step closer

This morning we took our little man to Children's Hospital of Orange County for his tests. He was hungry and tired but still managed to have a smile on that sweet little face of his. He did so good. He cried and cried. I cried. The good thing is that it is done and we are one step closer to getting his surgeries scheduled. The doctor did say something during the scan that made me a little nervous. So, now we wait.

After it was all said and done we went home and he rested. Then we ran to pick up some meds and I let him pick out a treat for being such a big boy today.... He picked a new train.

After Regan got out of school we went and got a good dose of some Disney Magic. :)

I LOVE that even as hard of a day as it was...... Bubba started it with a smile and ended it with a smile.

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Katie said...

So glad the day ended with smiles!!!! Regan looks so cute in her dress too!