Sunday, May 16, 2010

Insperation and dance moves.....

Friday was a fun day. Collin was well enough to go to school, yeah!!! The kids had a Jog-a-thon at their school. Regan took it VERY serious and got lots of pledges from family members. She thought out what she should wear to help her jog fast. They jogged for 25 minutes and each lap they got a punch on their "race bib" so that they would know how many laps they had ran when the time was up. Regan rocked it and did so Great!!!! I was so happy that I could be there to help and be part of this fun event.

After Regan's class did their jog-a-thon it was time for some fun!!! We were able to have a mairiachi band come and play for the kids. The plan had been to have them come on cinco de mayo BUT the kids had testing going on so we had to wait. It was so much fun!! Collin and Regan's classes were in there at the same time and I got to dance and party with both of my kidos!!

(This is Collin and his aid AKA his second Mommy... we LOVE her!!)

After all of that fun dancing it was time for Collin's class to go and participate in the Jog-a-thon. I had planned on pushing Collin but his wonderful aid insisted on doing it becuase she knew that my back was hurting. (Long week with Bubba and LOTS of carrying him around.) Their are 8 special day classes at their school. It was insperational to watch these wonderful students, aids, teachers, and parents give it their all to help these sweet children be able to join in the fun. I couldn't help but get tears in my eyes as I watched.

(Collin's teacher RAN with our sweet buddy the entire time and he LOVED it!!! It was too sweet!!)

(Blake and his Daddy pushing him!! Go Blake!)

Collin got bored and went to the playground with his Ms. Cheryl... OH, I love that smile!!!


rebecca said...

What a great picture. He looks so big:)

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