Tuesday, May 18, 2010

{Just put it on the List...}

The next couple of weeks will be busy there is a TON to be done and with each new thing that comes up I think to myself..... Just put it on the list. wink!

Pre-Op apts.
sewing clothing for Bubba and what will be his new friend the "tube" sticking out of his tummy
Pre-Op tests
Make special bandages to go around his tummy
Find a LVN or RN to hire to come into our home and help with Bubba
deal with the insurance company
Family pictures
getting skype set up with Nana and PaPa on the lap top so we can see our baby girl and say good night while we are in the hospital.
OH, yes and MORE fun!!!

I am so grateful to have such an amazing "team" of family and friends. I know all I have to do is call and they will come running to help with what ever we need. How AWESOME is that!!!! I mean really.... that takes a huge weight off my shoulders to know that Regan will be taken care of, that people are there ready to help out. My Mother-in Law has been AMAZING!!!!!  I don't even know what I would do with out her. She has been going with me to doctor apts. to help with Bubba so I can hear what the doctors are saying. Today she went with me shopping to try to figure out a way that we can turn over sized t-shirts into onsies for Bubba so that he can not get to the tube. I mean pretty much she is a life saver!!! I am grateful that my Mom is jumping on an airplane and will be here the week of the surgery to help out. Goodness, I think I am one pretty lucky gal to have such an amazing support system and "team"!

Despite all of the crazy appointments and things that HAVE to be done we are making sure to make time for FUN!!!  Luckily, with friends like ours it's never hard to do!

Jason surprised Regan with a Wii on Friday and I am not sure who loves it more... Regan... Bubba... or Daddy???


Katie said...

love the post, but can I be making a fatter face in that pic? geez! I gotta get conscience about that when I'm in pictures. Golly! Anyway, love you to pieces!

Abbie said...

When you're on Oprah some day, you should definitely use that last picture when they're setting up your story. Amazing woman!!!

Presley family said...

Oh Katie I LOVE that picture of you and baby G!!!! You are way to critical of yourself!!!
Abbie, you are just way to sweet!!!