Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The fun is just begining!

One of my wonderful friends watched Regan for me while I took Bubba to the doctor the other day. She took Regan to her golf lesson at the country club and got some great shots of her! Thank you Ce Ce!!!!!

Last night Regan had her violin recital and she did so good. Nana came and watched Bubba so that I could go. The recital was at 6 and that is when Bubba starts getting his night time medications. This makes it hard to go any where with him at night. We missed having Nana and Daddy (he had to work) there with us but I had a good date, Grandma Jo.

The beginers where on the stage and the and the returning students were on the floor.
There were about sixty kids in total.
Regan and her violin teacher... Ms. Ford

Guess who I picked up from the airport this afternoon?!?!?!
That's right these two sweet little kids brought their parents to California to come and play with us!!!
They have a Disney time share and ALMOST love Disneyland as much as Bubba so we talked them into coming out!!
OH, and guess who's birthday we will be celebrating??
It is Kai's 2nd birthday BUT his first with this wonderful new and crazy family of his. We are going to make it a GREAT one!!!!

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