Monday, February 13, 2012

Photo Challenge | Hearts

Over at
this week the challange is Hearts.

We hope that you are showered with LOVE
  on Valentine's Day!!

Of course I HAD to pick this one from our little mini V-day photo shoot when Bubba had an Ok day.

I {HEART} that they love each other so much!

I {HEART} that Regan will still put up with these fun shoots!

I {HEART} good days that do not include trips to the hospital!

I {HEART} my sweetie!!!

I {HEART} photography and moments captured.

I {HEART} the rain!

I {HEART} a nice cold diet Coke. ;-)

I {HEART} that after 12 years of marriage I still catch my sweeite checkin' me out! wink!

I {HEART} my wonderful friends and family!

I {HEART} the sound of my kids playing together.


Head on over to I heart faces to see other fun photographs!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

BIG HUGS my friends!


LivingFree said...


Boston Pam said...

How fun and vibrant! I love it! =)

Jeni said...

This is so sweet :) Love it!

Melissa Lloyd said...

very cute and so creative!

jamsmom said...

very creative!!!

Serline said...

I love the umbrella and the colors are so pretty.