Sunday, February 26, 2012

I often sit and wonder.......

To: Collin
From: Mommy

I often sit and wonder
I often sit and wonder what you would say.
I have a feeling that you would talk for days.
Would you tell me that it hurts so bad,
Or would you say I love you mom and dad?
Don't worry my son I know what you want to say
You tell me in your own special way.
The way you wrap your arms around me tight.
The way you smile as we cuddle every night.

I often sit and wonder what you would want to be.
I have a feeling you would say I just want you to be proud of me.
A teacher, a great leader, a sales man or a fireman?
But there was someone who had a much bigger plan.
Don't worry my son I know what you were sent here to be.
A special gift to love and cherish just for me?.
No, you had a special mission from the day of your birth.
A special angel sent to teach of peace and love to all of us on earth.

I often sit and wonder how I can be so blessed
And If I am passing this very important test.
To love and protect someone so special and dear
To trust in God's will and trust that he is near.
Don't worry my son I will walk beside you every step
And when you are weak in my arms you will be kept.
You are my special angel and were sent to me on loan
But for all eternity a family we will be known.


Tracy Jensen said...

So beautiful.......tears.....

Rochelleht said...


Cindy said...

Thank you for sharing. That touched my heart in a special way!!

Susan said...

Yes, you are passing EVERY test. What a beautiful way to acknowledge the gift that is named Collin and know that God chose you for each other.

Karen Hayes said...

LOVE this, Julie! Such a beautiful poem. Thank you for your example of hanging tough through tough times...and continue to smile. Praying for your family.

Melissa Kinsey said...

Completely understand how you feel and loved the way you put it into words. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Oh my...I'm said it so beautiful...tears are flowing...
love, from Wisconsin

Foursons said...

God gave you that sweet boy because no one else in the world is a more perfect mother for him than you.

Anonymous said...