Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ability Expo and the winner

The Aquarium of the Pacific hosted their annual Human Abilities Expo this past weekend. Luckily Bubba was feeling up to it and we were able to go! :) It is always so much fun to go and meet new friends, check out new vendors, and watch all of the performances.

Regan brought her new buddy, sussie the dog with us.
(I can't wait to write a post about that one.)
This amazing artist has been there every year that we have gone.
He is very talented!!! Regan loved talking art with him.
We did go and see some of the fish while we were there.
Regan fed the sting rays.

Bubba made some a new friend.....
and wanted to bring him home with us. :)

It is always fun to run into friends while we are at these types of events.
I love that wheel chairs are normal and people are so kind and helpful.

Bubba had fun testing out a sports chair.
Look at the men's faces behind him.
They loved watching him test it out. :)
Regan and her pal Sussie.
We have got to get Bubba one of these pin ball machines!!!!
He LOVED it!!!
We made a very sweet new friend.
This pin ball machine belonged to her daughter.
Her beautiful daughter is now and angle and her mother is one
here on earth bringing joy and awarness to those with disabilities.
Bubba has had a VERY hard day today.
I LOVE looking as these pictures, a simple reminder that not every day is hard.
Last but not least the winner of the free digital copy of The Sandbucket is.....
Deb Cox. :)

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