Friday, February 17, 2012

{Buckle up}

Buckle up folks this is going to be one rollercoaster of a post.

{and it might get a little long.}

Lately, life feels very much like a rollercoaster over here....

So many highs and lows.

Monday Bubba and I did some of this........
{trying to break into NOT ALLOWED areas of the hospital} 
{and some cuddles while we waited for the drs.}

The biggest thing that came from this day was that said dr. wants Bubba to get a hospital bed.

She wants to make sure that we have it "before things start happening."

She is hoping that if we get a inflatable pillow top that adjust to his body than it will help with pain.

{do any of my special mom friends out there have any advice on this one??}

While we were having so much fun at the hospital Regan was off doing this....

I know!!!... Can you believe it?

She would rather have gone to Disney than the hospital

Go figure!! 
Luckily it was her good friends birthday and they wanted to steal her for the day.

It worked out PERFECT. 

Even after a day of apts Bubba still managed to flash this bad boy......

Oh, how I LOVE that smile!!!

The next day, Tuesday, was a good day.

You can read the last post if you don't believe me. wink!

Wednesday started like this..........

and ended up like this.........
yup, a trip to to the ER.
I wont go into all of the crummy details but it was SCARY.

We called Bubba's dr. and he told us to call an ambulance.

{Regan was crying and very scared}

We live VERY close to the hospital so we decided to just drive him in ourselves.

Hubs dropped Bubba and I off at the door

and I ran in with Bubba.

They got us back right away with a room.
They got Bubba stable and did x rays to make sure his lungs were ok.

After only 5 short hours {a new ER record} we were able to go home.

Regan stayed the night with Nana.

{Ok, I need to take a quick break from this post to give a SHOUT OUT to my wonderful friends!!!

They have all stepped up and helped so much!

Sister Brown who has been taking Regan to school for me so that I don't have to wake Bubba up.

Nana for getting here right away and watching Regan for us.

Kara sent her Hubs to the hospital to help give Bubba a blessing and she sent snacks :)

Brandie left dinner on our door step {we got home at 8:30 so we saved it for the next night}

Kendal took Regan lunch at school after Nana had watched her over night.

CeCe watched Regan during a dr. apt.}

Serisously, I feel sooo blessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How in the world could I ever feel helpless when I know that we have such an amazing team....

Go Team Presley!!!

Ok, back to my rollercoaster post

{I told you it was going to be long}

Where were we.. Oh, yes Thursay!
Back to see the dr. to check up from the day before.

All good reports! woot woot!!

So.... Thursday night we.......
had a dance PARTAY BABY!!!

and finally here we are today, Friday.

 Today I woke up to....
I know... not the best way to start your day.


Bubba has had a good day! :)

Then I get a call from Regan's school.

Luckily we have a GOOD friend that works in the office and knows what is going on.

She tells me... "She says she has a head ache and just looks over all sad."

Bubba and I rushed to pick her up.

She got in the car and I asked her if she was OK and ...

she burst into tears.

It took EVERYthing in me to not break down with her.

She is scared, tired, and grieving in her own way.

We drove through taco bell... cinnamon swirl things make any 7 year old smile.

I sent a text to Jason, Nana, Poppie, and two of my sisters to tell them what was going on.

Aunt Karen called Regan and had her laughing in no time, she is good at that.

We got home and talked....


This is SCARY for me, I can't even imagine how scary it is for a 7 year old girl.

Then we curled up, the three of us, and watched a movie.

Later I looked over to see this......
{She sure LOVES her Bubba.}

This past week has been a rollercoaster...

There have been some amazing highs....

and some scary lows BUT

the one constant is our love for each other

and our faith in God and his plan for us.

Please continue to keep my babies in your prayers.

Oh, and one last time....

Let's hear it....

GOOOOOOOOOOOO Team Presley!!! wink!

We CAN do hard things!!!


Amy Eaton said...

Put my week in perspective thanks! You have someone amazingly awesome kids.

Huss Family said...

So sorry it's been such a roller coaster. You all are in our prayers!

Karen said...

I'm still here...praying for your amazing family and friends!
God Bless you all.
Love and Prayers from Wisconsin

Carina said...

Awe, *HUGE HUGS* my friend! I am so sorry you had one of those weeks :( My heart is just so sad for all of you! You are amazing, inspiritional & YOU can do extrodanarily (spl?) hard things! Thank you for taking the time to talk to me about my complicated boy this week; I appreciate you so much! <3 <3 <3

Kenny said...

Love you. Love that family of yours. This post broke my heart. Oh, how you must be worrying about both of your babies! And yes, Go Team Presley! I hope Regan found something in her lunch that day that she would eat. ;)

Christine said...

If I say it 100 times, it will still not be enough... you are an amazing mama!

Flyss said...

Praying for your beautiful family x x x

Jenny said...

Julie, your strength continues to amaze me. Prayers and hugs from our family to yours! Sorry it's been a tough week!

Susan said...

This was a roller coaster post to read, just as it was for you to write. One has to grab onto and hold tight to Bubba's big grin in the one picture to keep the balance all the way to the end of all the pictures and words. I am always so sad for you and Jason, as parents, to be having such continuous heartbreak over Bubba's increasing problems, but it tore me up to read of Regan's fear and emotional pain over the situation too. That you can have long talks about things like this as a family and you don't leave her out of the discussion is such a loving way to treat her importance to Bubba and his to her. God Bless you for that. I'm praying you'll have a better week coming up. I know that you'll support each other with love through whatever happens.
And God Bless the friends who step up and just know what to do! Everyone needs friends like that.

Melinda said...

Team Presley can get thru anything! keep it up you are awesome Julie! :)

Tracy Jensen said...

First...thank you for your sweet comments on my made me cry....your sweet boy and your warrior spirit.....glad you found me!!!!!

lex said...

I hope you are all doing well. Hugs and prayers to your beautiful family.