Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Girls just want to have {FUN}...

After our fun at the park on Saturday Bubba was TIRED.

Ther girls on the other hand were non stop! :)

First thing.... well, what else in this house.....

Dance PARtay Baby!

After  their Dance PARTAY they asked if they could have a spa day.

So, that is just what we did.

I sent the girls out of the room and then invited them back into the Presley Spa. :)

What is a Spa Day with out Facials?!?!?!?

and we ended the Spa Day with Mani and Pedis of course!!

If you can't tell......

I LOVE LOVE LOVE having a little girl. :)

Now, if only I can get her to stop growing up so fast! wink!!


Anonymous said...

You are SUCH a fun mom. Regan's a lucky kid.

Anonymous said...

You can count on Regan to be dressed fabulously.