Tuesday, February 14, 2012

{Love} Day

Today we were feeling the LOVE around here!

Regan made out!

She has LOTS of boys that LOVE her!

She got a Teddy Bear, Candy, and card from Daddy.

Cute little Monkey and Card from Pa Pa {and Nana too}

Bubba knows her all to well and got her a yellow {her favorite color} purse, skirt, head band, and card.

To say that this sweet little girl of mine is loved....

well, that just doesn't go it justice.

Oh, and she got a Valentine from a boy...

Daddy wants to buy a gun! wink!

I took Bubba to school to say hi to his friends today.

He has been missed! :)

He had LOTS of hugs and loves and of course..........
He brought Valentines for all of his girlfriends. :)
He doesn't mind that all three of his teachers are beautiful women. wink!
He brought each of his teachers and the nurses and aids a balloon and card.

He started out with 10... man, I should have gotten a picture of that!!

He also got to see some of his friends and he brought cute valentines for them as well.

I didn't get a picture of them, they were cute... promise. :)

Regan got Bubba a sweet Valentine.

One of his favorite movies and on the plastic she wrote

"To: my only valentine Bubba From: Regan"

This made me smile.

Love that girl of mine!

Then we got a visit from our special friend, Ms. Sherrie.

She brought the kids sweet Valentines.

We are feeling the LOVE over here on Valentines Day!!!
I hope you had as wonderful of a day as we did!!!


Susan said...

Such a positive, happy day with inside-the-heart sunshine! So glad this was a good one for you!

Anonymous said...

LOVE that she sent herself a Valentines gift! Every girl needs to know how to treat herself once in a while. ;)