Sunday, January 1, 2012

I {heart} her a whole lot!

I have shared a lot about Bubba and what is going on with him but I thought I would take a second to share with you how my sweet little angel is doing. Our natural reaction in these hard times is to worry about Bubba and what is going on with his sweet little body. The thing is, I have two children and I worry about both of them when things get hard. Bubba suffers the physical hardships of TTD and Regan, my sweet Regan, she suffers the emotional. She loves her Bubba more than I have ever seen a sister lover a brother before. Even now as I am typing these words my eyes are filled with tears at the thought of her unbreakable love and friendship with her Bubba. I hope that one day I can be half the sister she is today. God blessed her with a heart of gold. She never gets mad that my attention goes to her Bubba when she sick. Yeah... sure she gets bored but never angry. One of our home nurses once told me "wow, she sure loves her brother. I can't believe how much she truly loves him." I smiled and replied with something along the lines of ..."Oh, yes but I am sure all of the children you work with are the same way." She then went on to explain that this was not the case in several homes she worked in. "The healthy child would be angry and dislike the sick one........." Then I received the biggest compliment I have ever gotten in my life "your home is filled with love, you can feel it when you walk through the door." I guess I had always assumed that most siblings were like Regan, awesome. wink! I never truly recognized her Golden heart as a gift before, but it is! I feel so blessed to have a daughter that cares, loves, and wants to be there for her Bubba. This week has been hard on her. I have been asked questions like "our family is forever right??... Well, then does that mean we all go to Heaven when Bubba goes to Heaven... will I have to go when he goes? I don't think I will want to go when he goes." She is getting older and is very smart. . "If we don't go to Heaven when Bubba goes then who will take care of him?" It breaks my heart that these are things that she has to think about. I have learned over the years that TTD is a family illness, it affects everyone. Regan might not bare the awful physical pain that Bubba has to endure but she endures a different pain from TTD.

The other day we snuck away for a lunch date while Daddy was with Bubba. On the way home she insisted that we stop to buy Bubba balloons. :) "We have to get him some get well balloons.... they will make him feel better.. I just know they will." I feel blessed to be a Mommy to two of the most amazing kids I have ever met {ok, so MAYBE I am a little partial} I always talk about Bubba being my Hero but so is Regan and her golden heart.
This afternoon I was playing with one of my new christmas gift, a new 50m Lens, and got some sweet shots of her. {shoot, I haven't even gone over Christmas yet! Oh, I am SOOO behind.}

She was VERY excited tonight becuase Nana surprised her with a last minute sleep over!!!
She is such a special girl and I feel so blessed to have her in my life!
{Bubba is making a little progress every day and we think the meds are working!
Keep those prayers coming!}


Karen said...

Still here...still praying...with tears in my eyes!
Love, from Wisconsin

Foursons said...

You have been blessed with two incredible children.

Susan said...

Just back from vacation and catching up, only to find that sweet Bubba has been sick, as has Uncle Bill. How sad that made me! Both are in my prayers for complete recovery! Bubba was one of the finest gifts God could give you to teach your own heart it's true depth, and then he gave you a little angel to help you watch over him and your heart stretched even bigger. Those are two very, VERY precious treasures. They're yours because God knew you'd appreciate and love them deeper and better than anyone else. Thank you for sharing them via your blog. That's a HUGE gift to us!

Anonymous said...

The pics of them in bed together nearly choked me up. She is SUCH a doll.