Saturday, January 7, 2012

A BIG ol' dose of Medicine.......

It is no secret that Bubba does not like to just sit around in the house. Before each break I have to plan out what we will do,this Christmas break was no different. I had it all figured out, every day there was something new and fun to do to keep the kids happy. We managed to have one fun activity with Nana and Pa Pa before Bubba got sick. Regan was so patient with every passing day and new activity that wasn't going to happen. Jason and I wanted to take the kids to Disney at least one time while they were out of school. We were hoping to go on Wed. but it came and it was obvious that Bubba was NOT ready to do anything fun yet..... Thurs. came and he started to look up....  By Fri. our boy was BACK BABY! He woke up with a smile and was grateful to be feeling good. He was not 100% but he was doing SOOOO much better. So, we decided that one last dose of medicine was needed to get our boy back to where he needed to be. He needed some magical medicine that can only be found at Disney. :) We only went for a little over an hour becuase we knew that Bubba couldn't handle much.

My little Russian princess!!

 They rode two times in a row.
The first time I rode with them and the second I ran down
 to take shots of them from below.
I LOVE their little hands hanging over.

This is where things get EXCITING folks.
It's no secret that our Bubba LOVES roller coasters. How do we know if he can't talk you ask? Well, by that HUGE smile on his face while we are on them. Oh, yeah and the fact that we can't walk by one with out him taking his hat off, throwing it, and then reaching for the ride. Yes, he let's us know what he likes. :) Well, there is this BIG roller coaster that Bubba LOVES watching. You can just see him day dreaming as he watches it take off. Oh, and that SMILE!!! So, we were feeling brave. Ok... hubs was feeling brave, there was no way this chicken Mommy was going to do it. Hubs took Bubba on the California Screamin!!! I know CRAZY right!
 For those of you that haven't been to Disney you might be wondering what the big deal is.
Well, this roller coaster is HUGE!!! 
Oh, and it has one of THESE.
Yes, my baby boy was upside down!!!

When they took off my hands were SHAKING, I was so nervous!!
What if he doesn't like... it's not like they can stop it half way around.
Regan looked at me and said "Mommy my tummy is nervous!!!"
I told her that my tummy was nervous too.
The boys got back and I got a thumbs up from Daddy!
WAHOO!!! He said that he smiled the entire time.
I can't wait to go on that ride with him when he is feeling 100%.
After that exciting ride Bubba was worn out!
I took Regan to a store to pick out a "best big/ little sister in the whole wide world" treat
and then we were on the road headed home. :)


Alyssa said...

Your posts always bring tears to my eyes, especially the ones about bubba, and the ones about how your little girl is such a sweet sister. I LOVE that Bubba got to go on this big boy roller coaster!

Anonymous said...

You look lovely in the first pic. Just thought you should know. lol :)

Susan said...

Oh, my....Bubba is SO much braver than me! Just looking at that roller coaster gave me the weak elbows. What a milestone for him to tackle that big monster! And how precious for Regan to be fretting about him just as you were. So glad you got to have this kind of medicine before the school break was up!