Monday, January 16, 2012

So glad that today is over......

We might have hard days....
BUT we have a good life!!!

Today was another HARD day at the hospital for Bubba.
He was such a trooper!!! 
BIG smiles all day and high fives to everyone he met.
Now, we wait for results from x rays, echo, and LOTS of labs.
(We tried to snap some pics with the cell phone. One of these days
 I want one of our photog friends to tag along and truly  document what Bubba's life is like.)
Then we will make a plan. Some changes are starting right away.
Things will be different and we will all adjust. I am not sure how I
will make it all work but some how it always does. :) 
 We were all tired by the end of the day and so glad that our day was almost over.
Not long after laying Bubba in his bed he starting crying out in pain. Regan could hear him and called me into her room. She then asked me "Mommy, why does Bubba always have to be sick?" I scooped her in my arms and we went out into the livingroom with the boys. I told Hubs what Regan had asked and then we did our best to comfort her. The TV was turned off and as I cuddled Regan and Hubs cuddled Bubba we shared our testimony of our Heavenly Fathers love for Bubba. We each did our best to explain to her but honestly none of us know WHY he is sick. It hurts my heart that Bubba has to endure so much and it hurts my heart that Regan has such worries at such a young age. We ended our talk with a family prayer. Bubba is the greatest teacher that I have ever had. Every day I learn something new from him, every day he touches someone new. There is nothing harder yet more rewarding than to be a mother.


Huss Family said...

So sorry it's been so hard lately. Praying for your family.

Alyssa said...

your posts always amaze me. you are so strong. Here I was wallowing in my problems and trials and then I read your blog and remember how blessed I am. You are amazing. Your little family is amazing. I will pray for you and your family, especially your little boy. He is perfect. Thank you for always sharing so openly.

lex said...

God bless you. Despite your words, your upbeat spirit, love for your family and faith in god seems ever present through the smile on your face.