Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A date with {bubba}

{playing with the phone while we were in between apt.}
This morning I told Regan about our day and that Nana would be picking her up from school.  I had to explain what Bubba and I had to do and she said "Mommy my dates with you are WAY FUNNER  than your dates with Bubba." Regan and I went on a date to see the movie we bought a Zoo last week. Oh, boy does she have that one right, her dates are WAY funner!:)  My fun date with Bubba today was at the hospital. We have had some worries and with those worries come tests. Bubba did amazing. Seriousy, he was a ROCK STAR when it came time to get him to do things that he normally wont do. Yes, by the end of it he had a girlfriend. While they were going over the results with me the Child Life woman was playing with Bubba, before I knew it they were off and having a blast in the halls. Bubba did not look for me once, he was FREE, with a pretty gal, and out of the testing area, he was happy! :) Bubba gave all of our new friends high fives and we were off to make an apt. with a specialist. This apt. will decide our next step. Today I have gotten angry, I have cried, I have prayed, and I have still found things to smile about. Monday will most likely start Bubba on a new journey. Heck it will start me on a new one as well. I will have to learn new skills to be able to care for my little man and you know what.... as scary as it is.......... there is NOTHING else I would rather do than be a Mommy.  So, here's to better dates! {Ok, maybe not this week we have more dr. apts BUT maybe next week :-) } Tonight I will be a little sad and yes worry but tomorrow.... Oh tomorrow I will have a dance party with my kids! "Whenever I have a problem, I just dance because I realize that my dancing is worse than my problem." Is it bad that I like to have dance battles with my 7 year old? Is it bad that my favorite move is still the running man?? wink!

Our new Child Life friend had an I pad with Blues Clues on it to keep Bubba happy.
He LOVED that! :)


Susan said...

And even in the darkness of an impending storm, you find the chance to dance in a lightning flash. That's what I love: your balance. While you probably feel off-balance much of the time, with Bubba's considerable problems, you routinely supply your own balance in the most important way possible...the happiness of your children. You make things funner for Bubba too.
I, too, love Blues Clues. :o)

audra bender said...

congratulations on your win at the sandbucket. you can tell by all the comments how loved you are and how much your little man is an inspiration to others. :-) all the best to you.