Thursday, January 19, 2012

My knight in Shining armor

What girl doesn't dream of their Knight in shining armor? Seriously, if you have ever watched The Princess bride or Monty Python and the Holy Grail you have wished for your Knight... right?? Ok, so maybe those movies didn't do it for you... How about a Knight's Tale?? On Christmas day my dream of my Knight in shining armor came true!!! Jason's dad collects swords, shields, knifes... all kinds of cool stuff. He will give talks about putting on the armor of God and use the real deal as his props. Well, my sweet Mother in law noticed that he was missing the breast plate and felt the need to complete his collection. So, she got him a breast plate and that net/ chain thing for Christmas. I really want to know how you go about buying a breast plate... seriously, do you just Google it?? I am not sure exactly how it happened but my sweet heart quickly became the model for all of us. They placed the breast plate and head thing on and then all of sudden a sword would appear... then a shield.... and before I knew it my Knight in shining armor was standing right in front of me. :)
I knew long before he put this armor on that he was my Knight in shining armor. We were talking with friends last night and I was joking that Hubs was not my type at all when I met him. The truth was... well... my type was pretty awful. ;) So, of course he wasn't my type... he was better! I can't tell you how many times this sweet Knight of mine has come to my rescue. There have been countless times that he has rushed home from work after a frantic phone call about Bubba. His greatest weapon is that he holds the Priesthood and is able to bless our home and family with it whenever we need him to. He is truly my best friend. I miss him when he is away from me and I can't wait for his return. I love that after 12 short years of marriage I was finally able to see in real life what I see in my heart every day.... my sweet and adoring Knight in shining armor. I am so grateful that he has been by my side with everything that is going on with Bubba. I couldn't do it with out him. I love you so much Jason!

Ok, so was that last part a little to sappy for you??? 
This is how disputes are handled at the Presley house. 
Yes.... my very own scene out of   Monty Python and the Holy Grail!
Really what more could a girl as for! :)


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Yes, well.... does he have two coconuts to bang together in lieu of a horse? Or shrubberies? Where are the shrubberies? Oh that the shrubbery, decorated, behind him in that one picture? Seriously, it's nice to know that knights have watches that match their armor. Must know what time your rescue-the-princess appointment is.....
I love the facial expressions of your well-dressed knight! Humor will get you through a good many low spots. Lucky is the woman who finds her Knight, and he is silly enough to make her laugh—good medicine. You've left no doubt that you adore him, and you've been giving us reasons for that all along, but it's always uplifting to see partners confess that kind of thing again and again. No one gets tired of seeing that the fairy tale exists.