Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Eve Fun {Part 2}

Let me first start off by saying that Bubba is doing so much better!!! He is still not back to his old self yet BUT we are still making progress every day. We are getting WAY more smiles :) The hard part now is that he is feeling better and wanting to be active but his body is not ready for that. We are hoping that we can salvage this Christmas Vaca with a trip to Disney at the end of the week. {fingers crossed for that one!!!} Sweet Regan has been so patient that we have not had our gammed packed vaca days like we normally do. So, now that we all know that Bubba is perkin' up I thought I would get back to some FUN Christmas memories! I shared Christmas Eve part one at Uncle Bill's and now I will continue with the celebration at our home. :) I LOVE traditions... just LOVE them! I LOVE that Jason's family started some wonderful traditions YEARS ago and we continue with them still.... pretty awesome, right!?!? When Bubba was little we would go to Nana and Pa Pa's home for Christmas Eve but over the years it has become to difficult to go out with Bubba at night. Luckily, Jason has a wonderful family that is willing to SQUEEZE into our tiny cozy home to celebrate.
 We sing Christmas Carols while Pa Pa sneaks off the garage to change.

After we sang for a bit Santa snuck in the back door!
 I am not sure who was more excited to see Santa.......

 The kids........

 or Stanley! :)
Stanley LOVED Santa and would not leave his side.
Regan reading her letter to Santa that he brought with him.
Her questions were.....
How many elves do you have?
How many kids are on the good and Naughty list?
Do you make summer runs?
{got to love her for trying!} 

You have to get the token family picture with Santa right.
We watched Mr. Krueger's Christmas and then said good night to our family.

The kids put on their new PJ's from Maw and Paw, left Santa cookies and milk, a carrot for the rudolph, and then it was time for bed!


Amy and Kyle said...

So fun! I love all the pics! Regan is so gorgeous! I'm so happy Bubba is doing better. Happy New year!

Susan said...

So nice to see that big Bubba grin back!! Love the pics with Santa! How nice to have such a close, loving family! It's such a great gift! And I agree that Regan is gorgeous! She looks wonderful in red!

Anonymous said...

The pic of Regan dancing with Stanley is darling.