Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning was perfect! We had to wake Bubba up. He was TIRED but he perked up once we started opening presents. We were all spoiled by Santa this year. My favorite gift was one from Regan's list... "please help Bubba to feel good." Bubba felt good all day. He was a BIG Mommy's boy and didn't want to leave my side but I didn't mind it. :) Regan was in Heaven with her new Barbie house. I talked Hubs into putting it together early instead of waiting until Christmas Eve, that made our Christmas Eve so wonderful.... less stress. :) After we opened our presents we got on our Christmas outfits and headed to Church to celebrate the birth of Christ.


Lacey said...

I found your blog via I heart faces and was so touched (and almost teary) reading your posts. You have a beautiful family. What fortunate children to have so much love and tender care!! I can't imagine how heartbreaking it is for you to see your child suffer. My heart goes out to you! God bless you and your family!!

Simply Sara said...

looks like you guys had a wonderful christmas! the love in your family is so, so beautiful my friend!

i wish you could have seen the smile on my face when i saw that the stunning photo of you & bubba made the top 10 of i heart faces! i am so proud of you. you are amazing. seriously. you are wonderful. great job lovely mama!