Saturday, December 31, 2011

Good bye {2011}

Tonight I am bringing in the new year by tucking my sweet little Bubba into his bed and hooking him up for the night, waiting for Regan to come home from a party with friends {thank you friends!! Serisously, I have the best of friends who know just what I need most when Bubba is sick, today it was taking Regan to play.} Hubs is working, and I am sitting here watching pride and prejudice. The house is quite and warm, it is nice. This week has been hard, this year has been hard, but there have also been some wonderful moments. "If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." So, rather than curse 2011 for the horrible, tear filled, long nights, crummy days I will celebrate the beautiful ones! I thought I would count down the top ten in pure Johnny Carson style. :) {Regan and Jason helped me with this list! }
Favorite moments of the year........

10. Family Fun in San Diego this Spring.  We were lucky enough to celebrate Pa Pa's 60th birthday with the entire family!

9. Going to Maryland and D.C. with Aunt Karen!!

8. A visit from Kai and Kylee {oh and Aunt Nancy and Uncle Ray too.} We were able to celebrate Kylee's 1st birthday with her!!!

7.A visit from a very special birthday boy all the way from Texas!!! Cousin Hunter!!

6. A visit from Maw and Paw! They were able to celebrate Regan's birthday with us!

5.A surprise visit from Poppie and Aunt Karen!

4. A special visit from Cousin Shane!

3. Getting our new addition to the family! Stanley!!!

2. Going to Catalina to celebrate 12 years of marriage!

1. Family trip to Texas!

2011 you had some wonderful memories and I will forever treasure them! Thank you to all of you that were part of each and every memory created this past year!! I hope that you, my friends, are able to find as many wonderful things to be grateful for as I am. It has been hard but it is the hard times that make she good ones that much more special!!! Here's to a wonderful 2012!!

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