Monday, December 5, 2011

Photo Challenge | On Your Feet!

The theme this week over at
this week is On your feet!
This is a shot of my sweet Bubba and both sets of his "feet".

I will never forget get the day when Bubba's sweet BIG, little sis yelled at a child in the store..... "WHAT ARE YOU STARING AT HE'S JUST A HANDICAPER!!!!" I was embarresed and so proud all in the same moment. In our home the reality is that Bubba's feet don't work very well but as Sis would say... "He get's to drive his COOL Bumble Bee wheel chair!" and she will even request a ride if I take him out in public and will wheel herself around where ever we are and she is so PROUD. I love that "broken" feet, a bumble bee wheel chair, and his second set of feet... his wheels are normal around here. :)

Head over to I heart faces to see more fun shots!


katie Sullivan said...

Great photograph, my cousin also has "broken" feet and she loves to decorate them with funny knee high socks, but she has changed my life in so many ways, this photograph makes me think of her. Love this photograph!

Rachel said...

Love this photograph - just missin Bubba's big contagious smile :)

My sister has that protective streak too. She about took down a mean girl in ballet class over it, haha!

So glad you entered this week!

Jessica said...

Julie, you always say things that bring tears to my eyes. There's so much love there between the kids. These feet are wonderful!
I love the bright colors; green, blue and yellow all together to make a strong image that I want to keep looking at.