Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The not so awesome Advent Fairy.............

I thought this year I would try doing the whole Advent Fairy thing. Well, this week I have learned two things about it. 1st, you actually need to plan  these things and think ahead.. who would have thought that!?!? 2nd, I am not that good at it. Seriously, I think our Advent Fairy would get a D... ok, maybe a D+ So, I am going to have to get better at this and PLAN ahead. :) Who knows... maybe by the end of the month I can work my way up to a C+.  So, here is the break down of our Advent fun so far.

Day 1: Regan got to go and play with Nana and Pa Pa. They took her to see a movie. {Bubba had his tri annual IEP and Bubba and I were at his school until after 5pm.}

Day 2: Decorate Regan's room with Christmas decoration crafts that we made. {No pictures.... advent fairy fail.}

Day 3: go to church {ward} Christmas party {Bubba started to feel crummy 30 minutes in. Bubba and I left and Regan stayed behind with a friend. No pictures... boo.}

Day 4: Have a birthday party for Nana at our home. {Bubba was very sick and I had to give my sweet sis-in-law a SOS call for help. Luckily she came and held Bubba for me so that I could get dinner started. Yes, not pictures AGAIN!.... fail!}

Day 5: Christmas FHE {Regan was in charge of the lesson}
Regan put together a very good lesson about the birth of Jesus Christ. She insisted that Stanley be front and center since this was his first Christmas with us. 

Bubba was not up to par yet again... boo. 

Day 6: Go to the Mall for some fun! {Thank goodness Bubba was up for this one, so many of our outings depend on him. Regan was bummed that Bubba didn't get to see Santa at the party on Sat. So, we had to make up for that!}
Our first stop was to see Santa!

 Then we were off to make crafts with Mrs. Clause.

 We enjoyed the carolers! Oh, and we brought Great Grandma
Jo with us. Can you spot her? wink!
Lastly, we took a trip on our very own polar express. :) 
I LOVE this picture!!!
Are you doing an Advent Calendar? What fun things are you doing with your family. This not so awesome Advent Fairy needs some HELP!!!!


Kenny said...

For me, the trick is to sit down with my calendar and plan the whole month. And, I keep it simple. Super simple. Tonight we went and got peppermint shakes at chick-fil-a. Yesterday we wrote letters to Santa. Tomorrow they will get a new Christmas movie that we will watch together and eat popcorn. I also went to longbeachfamily.blogspot.com to look at her list of local events so that I could work those in when possible.

Melinda said...

adjust your advent calendar to things that are happening in your life (same advice as Kenny gave). For instance - tomorrow night we are having friends over for cheese fondue so that is in the advent calendar which is just as exciting, because it reconfirms that people are showing up :) I also left a few days blank, as surprise days. On familyfun disney website they have an actual calendar of ideas, which I took a few of the craft ideas from. Write a letter to santa, make snowflakes, have a cookie making night, read christmas stories before bedtime, watch a christmas movie, go see the lights in the city .. etc. etc. with the passes that you guys have, make a day where you to the Aquarium and have lunch out or something, as well as visit disneyland! :) hope this helps!

Melinda said...
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