Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Let's keep it going.............

Day 16: Make a Ginger Bread house

Day 17: Go and see Alvin and chipmunks with Mommy and great Grandma Jo
{Ok, here was a BIG Fairy Fail}
Bubba was not doing well and Hubs had to work late so plans changed to....
Go to dinner with Mommy and Great Grandma Jo.
Regan picked where we ate dinner.
What can I say.... she's a cheap date! wink! 
Day 18: Bake and bring the goodies to friends and neighbors
forgot to get pics of the baking but managed to get pics of the delivery.

Day 19: Go and see the Christmas lights.
{Bubba had to go into the hospital that morning for his first round of botox treatments. So, we waited until the last second to tell this advent. I felt bad the last time it had to change.}

 We invited Aunt C C and cousin Andrea to come and play with us! :)
Day 20: Watch a Christmas movie
{We paid for keeping Bubba up late and the morning before.... yup, he was NOT feeling well.}
No pictures.... fail.

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