Sunday, December 11, 2011

Oh, thank you advent fairy (day 7)

Day 7: The advent Fairy left a note saying "Get picked up from school for a very special lunch date."
Advent Fairy had to keep a close eye on Bubba to make sure that
he would be OK for an outing and he was!!!!!
We picked the kids up early for school for a lunch date at Disneyland!
Advent Fairy knew that our lil' family was in need of a family fun day. 
 We headed over to Small world..........
to make sure their names were not on the naughty list! 

We NEEDED a day filled with SMILES!!!!

The boys went on a rollercoaster (Regan still doesn't like them)
so we headed over to say hi to Dancer. 

After our AWESOME afternoon at Disney Daddy and Regan wanted
to do some Christmas shopping at down town disney so Bubba went off on our own. 
You know Bubba's love of a good bus or train????..... 
 Well, you should add tram to the very top of that list!!!
We sat there and just watched the trams go by and he was just
as excited to see the last one as he was to see the first.

Advent Fairy hit it out of the park, she knew just what we needed.
A happy famiy day filled with SMILES, pickels, trams, lolipops, and no pain!


Sarah Hull said...

Sure love that magical Advent Fairy!

What beautiful pictures capturing a beautiful family and memory! XO

Rachel said...

Sounds like a most wonderful day. Was happy to see those smiles.

Susan said...

How fun!! And PICKLES!!! Great job, Advent Fairy! The smiles tell the story of a super family memory! to find a big dill pickle.....cravings, cravings, cravings.......

Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

Yay! A Disney day! Just what you all needed.

Kristi said...

I love the excitement on your son's face, and I love that he is overjoyed by the simplest things that we take for grated everyday!