Monday, December 19, 2011

a very special birthday boy (day 15)

Advent Fairy Day 15: Do something special for someone today.
Go and see a very special Birthday boy!
It was Uncle Bill's 89th Birthday!!!
So, we got a bunch of balloons, one of our little friends, and headed to see Uncle Bill.
Notice how Regan just crawls in bed to say hi, I love that! 

The girls put on a show for him complete with birthday, christmas, and church songs.
If you know Uncle Bill then you know he LOVED it!!! 

A dog that lives at the assisted living home decided to join in on the party! 
Then it was time to give Birthday hugs..... 

and kisses and say good bye.
I was asked if Uncle Bill is "really" family. Hmmmm... how do I answer that question? If you mean we share the same DNA, no. If you mean he has been in both of my children's blessings, shared in every Christmas Eve, Thanksgiving, and Sunday dinner for as long as I can remember, and loved us like family then YES he IS family! He "adopted" Jason's parents 38 years ago when they walked into a new ward as a newly married couple and has been part of the Presley family ever since. I was blessed to get many new family members when I married my sweet heart and Uncle Bill is at the top of that list! :)


Melinda said...

wow .. what an awesome Advent Fairy! I knew you would rock this! you are doing better than us haha! :)

Susan said...

What a sweet birthday party! Lucky Uncle Bill! And lucky you that your parents added such a wonderful person to the family. Obviously, you all have such deep affection for him.