Monday, January 17, 2011

Who doesn't LOVE.....

a nice LONG weekend!

We sure do!
Saturday we were LaZy!!!
Bubba needed to rest so the two of us just hung
out at home, I cleaned and he watched movies.
Daddy and Regan went and got much needed hair cuts.
{I got several phone calls..... "what do you
want for regan... how much can they trim off"} wink!
He handled the stress well and they
both returned home looking perfect!

Later that night we got a DATE NIGHT!
Wahoo for Date nights.
Jason's good friend Ricky got married....
you know one of those friends that you thought would
be a forever bachelor. Luckily he met an AMAZING gal
that was willing to take him on. When the video goes up
 I will have to share their exciting song to each other
after being married.
It is sure to be a you tube sensation! :)

We didn't think we would both be able to go...
still NO nurse
and Jason's parents had plans.

But luckily this awesome best friend,
babysitting duo came to our rescue!
This is Jason's Aunt Sue and Bubba's Ms. Lauria.
Ms. Lauria wasBubba's aid in his very first Pre-K class when he was three.
She still comes to his birthdays and is always willing to help out when we need her.
THANK YOU both..... y'all are amazing!!!!

Sunday morning I woke up nice
and early so that I could....
babysit TWINS
It was our Stake confrence at church and they
had an early morning meeting for new members.
Elder Hinckley was speaking and we didn't
want our friends to miss out. 
Aren't they adorable!!

Who knew all you have to do is give them pancakes and
a medical pole and they would be happy... wink!
Then our little fam got dressed and we
 headed out to an AMAZING stake confrence. :)

Then if our weekend couldn't get any better.....
Today was a holiday and the kids had
the day off from school!
You know what that means......
We met up with some friends at the
 Aquarium of the Pacific. 

It was such a FUN weekend!!!
Now, all I want to know is.....
When is the next holiday???

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The Story of us said...

I'm so glad we were at the same table for the wedding. You guys are fun!