Thursday, January 6, 2011

Our last day of vacation....

this FUN group met up
went to our little OC Zoo.
It was cold....
Ok, cold for us spoiled folks.
{I think it was around 65} 

We looked at animals. 
Guess what Regan and Andrea got to do!?!?! 
Ride an elephant!!!! 
Aunt CC was nice enough to go
on the elephant with the girls. :) 
Bubba got up and walked a little.
{It is getting harder}
Look at how BIG he is getting!!!!
I just can't take it..... Where did my baby go?? 
Pa Pa was the sucker sweetheart that went on
the spinning nest (tea cup thingy) on the carousel.  
Andrea picked the Elephant OF COURSE!!!
Then it was time for the train!
Bubba's favorite! :)

My favorite animal at the Zoo
that I spotted was........
the wild and exotic Regan Monkey!


Jack Attack said...

I love random comments from strangers, esp. nice ones. Your have a great perspective on life and capture it so well in photos. Beautiful family.

Kristi said...

That's one big elephant! Awesome! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Regan's outfit! Her boots are so cute and grown up looking! Love that Collin got up and walked too, he IS getting so big. I love that you guys think 65 is cold, that's so great! Although, even living in Texas where it does get pretty cold, 65 is chilly to me too. It's been in the 60's this week and we still have to wear long sleeves and light jackets. What a fun day!

Tiffany said...

Oh, I am dreaming of 65 degree weather right now! Sounds amazing! : )

I am loving your blog. Such a sweet and beautiful family. Great photos too!

Thank you for stopping by mine and for your sweet comments on my family!

Denise said...

gasp! the top thing on my bucket list is to ride an elephant! i need to travel down to so cal just for that.

your pix are all so fun.