Saturday, January 29, 2011

MORE change

There is a reason for the lack of posts lately......
MORE change.
I wrote a post not long ago about all of the
changes going on in our home....
Bubba starting Junior High
Mommy going back to school.
Well, since that post there have been even more.

I will start with the most exciting change in this home...........
Regan lost another tooth!!!!
{this makes tooth #4}

Another BIG change is that we found out that the district is closing the school that the kids go to next year.
This will not affect Bubba so much since he will be moving onto to Junior High but it does affect Regan. There have been meetings discussing the changes, budget cuts, and the reasons for the closure of two schools. Jason and I have been praying and deciding which school is the best fit for Regan next year. She is very sad at the thought of not seeing her friends every day. I am sad for her.

With this change also comes responsibility. The PTA of the school has a lot of money that we need to spend by the end of the school year now. So, we will be funding some fun field trips, assemblies, and one HUGE good bye party. I have taken on the role of assemblies for gen ed and special day. I have a child in both and take responsibility in both. I am excited about some of the things that we have planned. It will be fun.

Another big change around here is with Bubba's new wheel chair. After having it for a few days I realized that it was VERY wrong. Then my friend that is a PT saw it and agreed. When I picked Bubba up from school that first day with it his teacher also commented on how badly it fit him. So, the past week I  have been fighting with the wheel chair company to make the CHANGES needed to make this chair safe and appropriate for Bubba. You would think after over nine grand on a chair they would have gotten it right. Nope, it will take seven modifications.......
new tires
new foot plate
new arm rests
new harness
new handle bars
new hip guides
new transit accomodations
It is CRAZY to think that after fighting for seven months I am still fighting to make the CHANGES to make this chair correct. They are only willing to eat the cost on four of the changes and the others they want to get an authorization from the insurance first....grrrrrrrr.
That means more time, more money, and more fighting.

I have been so busy with each of these new changes that are going on.
One thing that will never CHANGE is that not matter how crazy
things get we will make time to play!
Jason had to work today so I called up a friend and asked her
 if she would like to meet up with us and play.

Something that will never change is our love for dinsey....
and friends that want to play with us! wink!


Marie said...

I'm so sad to hear about the school closure. I hope the transition for Regan next year will go smoothly. You are amazing and work so hard for your kids!

Melinda said...

sorry to hear about all your challenges! But once the challenges are over comes the blessings!!! :)

Oh and tell Staci hi for me!!! :)