Sunday, January 9, 2011


The other day I asked Regan...
"who is your Valentine?"
She quickly replied with a HUGE smile...
"Bubba of course!"

We are starting to feel the LOVE around here.
Valentines Day crafts are being made,
hairbows are ONLY pink and red,
and we took advantage of a beautiful cloudy
Bubba kind of day for our Valentines photo shoot.
Now, I just need to finish editing them
 and get them printed in time to send
out Valentines to all of our loved ones. :)


Rachel said...

I adore both of your little Valentines!

Those pictures are priceless - please tell me you've got space on your wall for that first one! :)

Sassy J said...

Julie these pictures are precious your children are beautiful!

Johanna said...

You are a very special person and your children are absolutely gifts from God. Thank you so much for sharing.

Rochelleht said...

Those are perfection and I totally have to copy the idea. I love it!

Susan said...

Every one of the pictures is compositionally (I made up a word??) PERFECT! Balanced not just in form, but in color. You truly have a gift, not just in these in children but in raw talent for photography. It isn't just your beautiful children that are prize winners, it is also your photographs of them. Your family is very lucky to have pictures that make others gasp with appreciation and a desire to see more of your photographs of them.
Regan is the sweetest sister EVER, a wonderful testament to your awesome parenting! Well done on every count, Julie! Thank you for sharing Regan and Bubba with us. And thanks for your insight into living with and accepting your challenges. You are such an inspiration to others.

Denise said...

valentines already! i better get with the program.

all the pix are great, but my favorite is the one of your sweet girl kissing her brother. darling.