Monday, February 1, 2010

{"Your Mom goes to college"}

This past Friday I had the opportunity to go with Collin and his 4th grade classmates to a local college. All of the 4th graders in the district were invited and they wanted to make sure that "we" were there as well. This was intended to get the kids excited about their future!! We had our very own tour guide who has some disabilities himself. He was very sweet with our children and VERY excited about the school. It is amazing how many tools they have at the school to help and make it accessible for all students.

{This was our fun group}
This is Collin's teacher and his buddy. This sweet friend was VERY scared to get on the bus. Can I just tell you how AMAZING this teacher is. He picked him up carried him, danced with him, and sang to him the entire ride over. He has a true love for our special kids and a gift.
{Collin was excited about the bus ride!!}
When it was time for all of the students to go to an assembly I decided that Collin would be happier walking around the school. I was also worried about him screaming and the other students not being able to hear. wink! Collin decided to give himself a tour of the school.
His classmate "E" also stayed out of the assembly. The bunnies LOVED her and kept coming up to her. It was so sweet!!
Collin made some friends in the music wing. He LOVED listening the music and kept going back to them. They LOVED it! {don't worry I got their permission to take their pictures! wink!}

Collin's future might not be college BUT at least all of the other students that we went with know that it is a possibility and LOVED having their "special buddies" with them.


Evie B. said...

You had me at 'Your mom goes to college.' :)

What a fun day for you both!

Poppie said...

Love it! Maybe they weren't invited so much for getting an education... but for giving one!

The Gray Family said...

what a neat experience!