Thursday, February 25, 2010

{ 4 o'clock}

You know that feeling..... It is 4 o'clock, the kids are hungry and starting to melt down, still a couple hours until the hubs gets home, and I start running out of things to keep them happy.

Am I the only mom out there that goes through this??

I have a feeling that I am not.

So, I decided to not let this time of day defeat me! wink!

I learned along time ago to not watch the clock for Jason.... It seems that every time that I stare at the clock waiting for him to get home, that is the night that he HAS to work late.

My biggest thing is finding something to make BOTH of my kids happy.

This can be HUGE problem in our house. My kids are so different on so MANY different levels.

That is when 4 o'clock at times can become a good thing.


I know, sometimes I don't even make sense to myself. {hang in there with me}

What I mean by it being a good thing is that at this time of year it is a good thing.

Our detached garage shades our backyard and this is WONDERFUL for both kids.

Why is this simple thing SO wonderful. Well, for those of you that don't know much about Collin's illness I'll of the biggest challenges is that Collin is allergic to the sun.

This limits EVERY thing that we can do.

Collin LOVES this time of year because he can actually go outside.

Regan LOVES this time of year because she doesn't have to play by herself in the backyard.

I love it because I get to make both kids happy at one time at one of the hardest times of the day.

For now, I hate LOVE 4 o'clock.

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Poppie said...

Pink flip soccer ball...Regan...of course!