Sunday, February 14, 2010


Sorry there weren't any more "LOVE" updates. This week has been hard. As soon as we thought Collin was getting better he came down with a fever. This has been a HARD week. I could not have gotten through it with out my best friend and my sweet Valentine. Jason had to work CRAZY hours this week and wasn't around as much as we both would have liked but when he was home he was helping and doing what ever he could to help me, to encourage me, and wipe away my tears in my break downs.

Jason is my Valentine for all eternity and that makes me so happy. After ten years of marriage he is the one that I just HAVE to kiss before I go to bed. The one that makes me feel like I can do anything. The one that still checks me out across the room. The one that holds my hand and my heart. He is my best friend.

We met at a singles dance. I drove down with friends and I was more interested in finding a good guy for a friend than for myself. Jason was looking for a girl but not just any girl. Jason, Skippy, and Jason had made a bet. They each picked out who they thought were the most beautiful girls at the dance and then had to get their numbers by the end of the night. Jason picked me. :) He said that I smiled at him but to be honest I don't think I did. He tried to ask me to dance but friends kept beating him to it. So, when he saw me leaving to get something to drink he made his move. He RAN to the room. He made it there just before me and happily poured my drink. We talked for a minute introducing ourselves. "Where are you from?" He asked... "Apple Valley" I told him. Then he came back with a beauty..."Oh, Apple Valley they have so many apples there." before I could even laugh I was pulled away by a friend who wanted to dance. You see Apple Valley is in the middle of the desert.... not an apple in sight. wink! Later that night I did get to dance with him. He told me that he was 24 and I didn't believe him. He didn't look a day over eighteen. I made him take out his drivers licence right there on the dance floor to prove it. Sure enough... wink! By the end of the night he had my number and my heart.

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