Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Love week {day 2}

I LOVE this wonderful, beautiful, strong and awesome 26 year old!!!! Today is my baby sister's birthday!!!! She is one incredible person!!! I love you~ {oh, and she is single... so if you know any eligible bachelors in Texas... let me know. wink!}
I LOVE her imagination!!
I LOVE toys that still make him happy two months after Christmas.
I LOVE how excited this little girl was to see that her radishes are sprouting.
I LOVE Boudreaux's Butt paste! This has been an essential this week.


Kristi said...

HUGE fan of the butt paste!

Evie B. said...

Bordeaux Butt Paste is the BOMB.com. We love it at our house.

The heart molds are actually silicone ice cube trays from Ikea. {not sure where you are, but if you don't have Ikea - tell me, I'll mail you some}

They also have star shapes that I'll probably try this summer. I've found that my younger kids have an easier time holding onto them and they break less easily, too. Win/win, baby!