Monday, February 8, 2010

Love week {Day 1}

I LOVE <3......
I LOVE this little girl that went to the store with her Daddy to pick up medications for her Bubba and came home with BUBBLES to cheer him up. No, not a thing for herself just for Bubba.

I LOVE that despite being VERY sick and having an awful morning at the doctors office he can still find pleasure in the little things.....BUBBLES.

I LOVE mice when they are soft and cuddly and make her happy.
I LOVE that Regan gets as excited as I do to go on a date with this special guy.....even if it is only to church while Mommy and Bubba stay home. wink!!

I LOVE modern medicine and Collin's doctors.


Amy and Kyle said...

I LOVE your wonderful attitude and sweetest family!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the way you mother your children. I also love your always smiling face and positive attitude towards life, the good and the bad.
You rock lady!