Saturday, September 15, 2012

San Fran {take 2}

I figured it was time to wrap up our San Fransico fun on this blog. ;)
We took a boat ride out to alcatraz but didn't go on the island.

 It was SOOO cold... I had on a sweater, a jacket, and a sweat shirt and I was still freezing!!!! Nothing like a San Fran summer. :-)
 Regan insisted that we had to go to the front of the boat....
 so then it just got even colder!!!!
Regan wanted to be the first one under the Golden gate bridge.

 After our super cold, super fun boat ride we headed over to China town.

 Then we headed to check out the Gold Gate bridge from a different vantage point.
You better believe that our sweet Bubba was with us the entire time.
The next day we hit up some musuems and had some fun!!!
{It's hard to see Bubba in this one.}

And then just like that our trip was over and we were headed home.
I am so grateful to have such a sweet little girl and wonderful husband that give me a great reason to wake up every day.  I am grateful for the wonderful memories we were able to make together even in our hardest time. I am grateful for a sweet and loving family that made sure that we took this time to go away as a family.  I am grateful to know that our sweet boy was with us each step of the way.


Melinda said...

glad to see you are making memories .. even during a really difficult (well beyond difficult) time in your lives. Beautiful photos as always! I hope you are able to get out of bed a little easier daily so you can continue to make more memories with Regan!

Anonymous said...

Great shot of Regan looking at the art!