Friday, September 28, 2012

He said Thank you

It is rare to see me out and about doing something fun without my big ol' camera in front of my face. I love living moments through my lens. I LOVE knowing that those special moments will be captured FOREVER. Let's face it... I have driven my sweet Hubs CRAZY with my camera. I don't know how many times I have heard.. "We already have 1oo pictures just like this!"... "Put that thing down and enjoy this with us." .... "Will you ever have enough pictures of {insert activity here}??" I would always reply... "Yes, I have a ton but I don't have one from today... and some day you will thank me for it."

It wasn't just my sweet little family that I have tortured. My extended family and friends are not free from photog harassment. If we go as a group to the Aquarium then we get a group picture... Disney... where ever. Yes, I know that it was annoying but luckily they all love me and put up with me.

Over the years I have managed to shoot thousands of pictures of my sweet family. Yes, ok so maybe I have a little bit of an issue but let’s face it most people photographers can easily shoot 300-400 pictures on one simple family outing... now let’s include all of our fun daily things around the house {shoot, those are some of my FAVES... our spontaneous dance parties, Bubba smiling as he watches his trains go by his face, cuddles, finger painting and what the paint looked like on his sweet little hands....}, with friends, and phone pictures and it adds up quickly. ;-)

I would much rather be behind the camera any day of the week. Let's face it... I'm a girl!... I have my issues ... "I look so tired... so fat.... “Oh you know the usual female self-loathing hang ups. I remember going through the pictures of one of our family outings and realizing that not a single picture of me had been taken with the kids or hubs, I only had myself to blame for this. So, I decided that from then on out I would make sure that I was in the pictures. I would take a deep breath and hand over my big ol' camera and have someone take a shot of us as a family. Shoot, I even taught Regan how to hold and handle my camera and frankly I would trust her with it more that some kid at Disney. I still might not like my hair, feel like I look fat, or whatever but regardless of the harsh judgment of myself I have AMAZING photographs to hold onto forever.

I have made sure that we have taken a family picture EVERY year. {This year will be tough.}

So, my advice to you my friends.... take pictures... LOTS of them!!! Don't worry about your hair... your outfit.....weight... because one day it won’t matter. One day your children will grow old {hopefully and if they don't trust me you will love them even more} and go off to college and you will cherish those memories captured.

While we were preparing for Bubba's service and going through all of the pictures Hubs whispered those words that every woman wants to hear...."You were right...." I asked him what he was talking about and he then reminded me of all of the times that he hated me taking pictures and that someday he would thank me. Then he whispered, "Thank you."

Our last trip to Disney was no different. Just weeks before Bubba's passing we went to Disney with Nana and had a blast! I am so grateful for the memories captured that day. I might have some like them from other days BUT this last trip will alway be an extra special one in my heart.


 Finally... what I think is my favortie from the day......

 a simple shot of how Bubba would hold my hand with both of his on this ride. ;-)
{I might cry every time I look at these pictures but I do it with a smile. I am grateful to have these memories captured forever.}
With all of this talk about Photography I thought I would let y'all in on a little secret....SHHHHH.... {Wink!} pics by presley Photography will be back in business soon. Yup it's time to get back on the proverbial horse and start doing photo shoots again. In all honesty I have to, I need to. It has become a  necessity with my sudden lack of income, funeral expenses, and well life.  So, stay tuned for more information about upcoming AWESOME photo shoots. wink!


Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

My favorite family pictures were taken by you. You are so good at capturing moments! I'm overjoyed that you will be doing photography again...put our name top on that list!

Lisa Ercse said...

When you're ready, the Ercse family will be ready for a family photo and we'd LOVE for you to "shoot" us!

jenf7979 said...

I would like to book too! :)

amanda devlin said...

I wish we lived closer so you could shoot our family! I am always taking pictures...i love all the memories.

Anonymous said...

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