Saturday, June 16, 2012


This year my sweet BIG BAD DAD gave us a scare and for a moment I thought I had lost him. I can’t even explain in words how lost I felt at the thought of not having him in my life. So, with this is mind this Father’s Day takes on an entirely new and special meaning of celebrating how very much I love my sweet BIG BAD DAD. I think back to our rides in his hot rods, rolling the windows down and driving FAST… than being warned not to tell Mommy. Wink! Some of my fondest memories were up high in the sky. My Dad owned a little Cessna airplane and we would go out on Saturdays and fly high. It seemed like a game to see if he could make me lose my stomach by dropping down and quickly pulling up. I will never forget the day that I finally got to fly the plane myself!! Wow, did I feel so grown up. Looking back I have no doubt that my dad was steering the plane with his knee. Wink!  After graduating High School I was off to Texas to live with my oldest sister and get ready for school. My parents split up and before I even realized what I said I was asking my Dad to come and pick me up so that I could be there with him. The thought of him all alone did me in. The LONG drive from Texas back to California is one of my all-time favorite memories with him. We talked and talked… laughed… and drove in my tiny little Aspire. We drove straight through and by the end of the trip we were very tired and getting very silly. We rolled down the windows in hopes that the cold air would help the drinks to keep us awake. Magic Carpet ride by Steppenwolf came on the radio and we turned it up as loud as we could and just started screaming the lyrics on the empty highway. Now, anytime I hear that song, which is on all of my play lists, I think of my Dad. This one is a funny one…. I was planning on moving back to Texas after my Dad relocated there. I met Hubs and quickly fell in love. I called my Dad and told him that I was going to stay put in California. Of course he asked… “Is it a guy?!?!” Well, the very next weekend he was in the plane and headed here to meet “the guy.” I love that he has always been protective of me. ;) There are so many stories and happy memories that I have with my BIG BAD DAD I could go on forever. I will end with one last story…. When Bubba was born he came eight weeks early and it was a very scary time for me. My Dad called my mother in law and asked her if I needed him. The next day he was on a plane headed to California to be by my side.  I was so grateful to have him there with me in such a scary time. Even now, on some of my hardest days I know that all I need to do is pick up the phone and call and he will make me feel better. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful, loving father in my life! I love you Dad.. Why?!?!... because you are BIG and your BAD and your my BIG BAD DAD!!!

Happy Father's Day to the BEST ...
BIG BAD DAD ever!!!

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Susan said...

I'm guessing that this post is the best Father's Day present your Big Bad Dad ever got—or ever will get. Parents just want to be loved and appreciated by their kids and you did that so eloquently here. You are blessed to have this kind of father and he is blessed to have a daughter like you who can put into words how special he is.