Monday, June 18, 2012

{beautiful pain}

Last week was another week of treatment.

It started out good....
That sweet smile of his was present, as if saying BRING IT ON!
They have been having issues acsessing his main line the last couple of times.

So, this time they used a big gauge needle to get his line started with his port.

Bubba was a champ.

Before we knew it he was hooked up and treatment started.
These days are always LONG days at the hospital.
I do what ever I can to make the days go by faster.

Child life is always so sweet and she LOVES that Bubba.
It was a hard day for Bubba...

with LOTS of hand holding.
{give your healthy kids a hug}
That night Bubba woke up screaming....

Oh the side effects are horrible.

The pain.. the vomitting..... it just isn't right.

It's brutal on his little body.

It was Regan's last day of school and we could not be there, the pain was to much even with his heavy cocktail of pain meds.
{Luckily a friend rushed in and saved the day by picking her up.}

Regan was sad.... Bubba was in pain.... and my Momma heart broke.

The next day Bubba woke up with a SMILE on his face.

He was feeling better and loving life again.

I knew that we needed to celebrate... Bubba's freedom from pain and the first day of summer.

So, the kids and I decided to meet up with some friends visiting from New Jersey and head to ... where else...

Dinsey baby!
It was the opening day for Cars Land and Bubba was treated like royalty.

They are always very kind to us him but this time ... well they went above and beyond.

It was as if they knew what a horrible day he had the day before.

It was as if they knew that he NEEDED this dose of magical medicine.

The suites escorted us the front of EVERY line.

As a Make A Wish kid Bubba doesn't have to wait in lines on a normal basis but we don't get a personal escort. ;)

He was given a Disney balloon....

which I happily gave to our visiting friends after ten minutes of it smacking me in my face on the back of his chair. ;-)

 Billy was smitten with Regan and had to ride EVERY ride with her.

All of the new rides were awesome!

Bubba's favorite ride was the car racing one.....
 even though there was a four hour wait for this ride we went on it not once...

not twice BUT THREE times!!

It was by far everyone's favorite ride!

At the end of our fun time at Disney my back ached from lifting my sweet little boy on and off all of the rides, from carrying his helpless little body and backpack with his lines attached to his wheel chair.

Later that I night I got a little teary talking to Hubs about our day.

I told him how bad my back hurt but it was a beautiful pain.

A pain that didn't compare to the pain that Bubba had faced the day before.

A pain that only a happy Mommy could bare.

It was a pain that brought a smile back to Bubba's sweet face.

Oh, I love a beautiful pain!


FootPrints said...

best pictures ever! his smile is worth a million words!

Susan said...

Knowing Bubba has had to endure terrible pain always leaves me weepy, but I always read on, searching for the news of his grin returning, and I'm elated when it does. I'm SO glad the kids got to do Cars Land! It looks like so much fun! What a sweet trip to Disney!