Friday, June 15, 2012

Sorry Dad....

My  Dad  called me the other day.... "Is everything OK?"....

"I am worried you haven't blogged or done much on FB.. is Bubba ok?"

I am sorry Dad.

I didn't mean to worry you.

I have been busy with end of the school year fun things for the kids....

the typical medical daily stuff...

every crazy day stuff.........

and finishing up a good book.

So, here is a bit of what we have been up to....

I got to go to Regan's end of the year patriotic performance....

and I got to take a cute date......
Yup! Bubba felt good enough to go with me!!!
The kids did such a good job and were so cute!!! 
 Poppie made Regan this super cute dress before she had surgery.
I sure love my Momma!

 Nana came to show her support....
and great grandma jo!
After the show some of us took our kids out to lunch.
Great Grandma Jo, Bubba, and I went with Regan.
I LOVED seeing her with the girls... just being girls. ;)

Bubba was invited to go to his school's annual track day.

He was having a hard morning and after a dose of vicadin we headed off to the school.

When we arried everyone was sitting out on the grass enjoying lunch.

One of the teachers spotted us and YELLED.... COLLIN IS HERE... COLLIN IS HERE...
everyone started cheering and clapping.

They were all yelling his name and it took everything in me to not break down.

It was a true Hero's welcome. ;)
This picture makes me tear up every time.
You can see the pain in Bubba's eyes and his friend kept
 kissing his hand and was so worried about him.
Everyone came and loved on Bubba. ;) 

 The boys!
Bubba looks so tiny even though he is starting to put on weight.
Bubba and his awesome teacher!
I LOVE his school!!!
We are hoping that Bubba will be strong and healthy enough to start back in the fall.
{fingers crossed.}

I am so grateful for both of my children's schools and the wonderful teachers that they had this year.

We will miss them over the summer.

BUT for now.....

Schools out for tha' summa!
{insert beastie boy anthom}

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Susan said...

Good to know that no catastrophe was keeping you from blogging. Anyone who has kids or grandkids knows how busy the summer gets. That you attempt to fit so much into your days in a bid to keep things normal for Regan and Bubba is not just inspiring, but mind-boggling. It's no surprise that all Bubba's friends were happy to see him. God bless you for trying so hard to keep the family ship on an even keel....just make sure there is adequate time for YOU.